How Tieto filled their great need of java developers

Tieto weren’t interested in hiring just one candidate from Software Development Academy – they wanted several. Now the java developers Lena, Hichem and Dima work in different projects in telecommunication and the public sector at Tieto. Together with more senior colleagues, who really appreciate the company’s new talents, they are growing fast.

Thanks to the company’s earlier collaborations with Novare Potential, Tieto had already heard of Software Development Academy. After an initial meeting and a more detailed look into the program, their interested managers knew what they could expect from hiring candidates from the program.

“There are a lot of other similar programs with other market players, but this was something else. The fact that you give new arrivals an opportunity to get out on the market also means you contribute to a huge difference for some individuals. That was an important thing for us.”

– Pontus Hemmingsson, Head of Application Services Sweden & Norway at Tieto

Several of Tieto’s managers had a shortage of java developers, and they agreed that the program was a great way to fill their needs. From the 25 candidates that started in spring 2017, Tieto met with seven and gave a job offer to five.

“These candidates were perfect for the different projects we administer ourselves. It doesn’t matter if our co-workers are new arrivals or have a bachelor in engineering – it’s what they want and can do that’s the important thing.”

–  Pontus Hemmingsson, Head of Application Services Sweden & Norway, Tieto

Because of an additional great interest from other companies, finally three of the five candidates chose to start at Tieto in April and May 2017. The managers confirm their motivation and will to learn, and all the candidates have fulfilled the company’s expectations straight through. Tieto’s senior employees are also happy with their new additions and have great benefits and joy from their new colleagues.

“Software Development Academy has really helped me get a new life. In Ukraine, I was a project manager in the health industry, but the program gave me an opportunity to change my profession. It also taught me everything I needed to know to be able to code from the first minute at my new job. I’m really lucky to get to work at Tieto, it’s one of the best places for beginners! I have a lot of experienced colleagues who can explain, guide and help me grow.”

– Lena Shervarly, developer at Tieto

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