XLENT found new inspiration and talent for their business

Johan from XLENT first came in contact with Novare Potential through LinkedIn, where he caught a glance of Software Development Academy and its purpose. Many of the candidates were proven to be very popular, so XLENT needed to act fast.

After establishing a contact with Novare Potential and having read through the candidates’ resumes, XLENT discussed a possible solution for hiring the ones they were interested in. 6-7 people were then interviewed at the Royal Institute of Technology – all with different backgrounds and experiences.

“There’s a kind of “thirst for revenge” in these people – a true spark in their eyes. It’s really inspiring to hear them talk about what they want, what they can and what they have been through. Their drive is totally different from what we are used to!”

– Johan Stålnacke, Head of Mobile Solutions at XLENT

XLENT found interest in several of the candidates, but the company’s high standards also meant a limit of potential new colleagues. The ones most interesting for XLENT were also highly sought after by other companies. Of the three who were given job offers, at last it was Aiham Alkaseer who chose to start working for XLENT.

“Novare really succeeds in reducing all obstacles. Companies sometimes choose to hide behind arguments saying hiring new arrivals is difficult and risky, and that they don’t know if they want to take the chance – but all these arguments fall flat when you realize how easy it is.”

– Johan Stålnacke

Aiham is now working as a front end developer on site with one of their customers, which is how XLENT structure the work for all of their consultants. Other than possessing the same talent and knowledge as his colleagues, Aiham is also bringing another perspective and a different feeling to the company.

”He is an amazing, unique spice here with us! For example, he’s actually a junior champion in chess from his time in Syria – a real cool thing in itself.”

– Johan Stålnacke

“The challenge at the academy and later in XLENT has forced me to get all my unused skills out. It is really an eye opener of your potential and what one can achieve, and I learned through both the ups and downs. The academy and XLENT literally helped me in turning my gratefulness into productivity.”

– Aiham Alkaseer, front end developer at XLENT

According to Johan, a true advantage of hiring via Novare Potential is that they do an amazing job picking out candidates who don’t exist in the otherwise overheated IT industry. Software Development Academy is an excellent way to have people freshen up their skills and get out on the market again.

“They’ve created a whole new platform for this. At XLENT, we hire people from our usual networks, and we might’ve never gotten in contact with these candidates. Novare is a bridge between companies and the new networks, and it really helps us reach out further.”

– Johan Stålnacke

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