IDG about our intensive course in Java Developing

IDG did an interview with CEO Farzad Golchin and two of our candidates, Ramsha and Lena, from our Java course that we do together with KTH. Farzad gives example about the importance of the education, for both the new arrivals and for the companies. Ramsha underline that: She was searching for a job in a […]

Interview with Farzad Golchin

CEO Farzad Golchin was interviewed in Jusek’s newspaper Karriär in February 2017. Farzad talks about his persian background and how he use it as an asset because it makes it easier for him to see the benefits of creating diversity in a company. Read the whole article here.

Anna Kinberg Batra visiting Software Development Academy

Yesterday. Anna Kinberg Batra visited Software Development Academy – Our intensive course for java developers that we do together with KTH. The picture shows Anna looking at an app that the candidates have created. We also talked about the conditions to get new arrivals into work. A pleasant afternoon with conversations that covered  mobile games, […]

Presentation of Software Development Academy for the Wallenberg foundation

We had a presentation of our intensive Java course at KTH for the Wallenberg foundation this week. We got to see the apps that our candidates have created during their project. After the presentations followed a nice mingle. It was fun to show Software Development Academy for the Wallenberg foundation and also to see that the […]

Veckans affärer – Diversity adds business advantages

CEO Farzad Golchin was interviewed in the business magazine Veckans affärer w 49, 2016 on how diversity can add business advantages and how Novare Potential work to  get more newcomers int jos and helping businesses finding people with the right competency. Read article (in Swedish)

Got a job through Novare Potential: “I feel less lonely now”

Manaf, tell us how you ended up in Sweden? I’m originally from Syria but raised in Qatar and Bahrain, where I also studied at the University. I worked in marketing and e- commercefiled in Qatar but when the war in Syria forced my fiancée who lived in Syria to leave the countryso we came together […]

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